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Landscaped spaces look stunning and add a distinct charm to the outdoor areas of your property. But this is never a matter of chance and once you have hired a good company to design and install the features in the landscape, they also need to be maintained well. Residential landscaping is typically smaller than commercial gardens and so the maintenance is simpler in terms of the scale and scope. 

However, the features on both these types of properties require an equal amount of care and attention. This is why you need to choose a skilled and experienced landscaper for the job. 

Greenworks Landcare provides custom residential and commercial landscape maintenance services to customers across Salem, Four Corners, Keizer and Dallas. They also cater to many customers in and around Monmouth, Silverton, and Woodburn, and have successfully completed projects for customers across Albany, McMinnville and Sheridan. 

Types of Landscape Services

Every landscape is different; while some gardens and yards may have more softscaping, others may have more masonry elements or water features etc. Regardless of the types of elements that exist on your property, its best to hire professional landscapers for the job. These landscape maintenance contractors create specialized plans that take all your requirements into account and ensure that the features on your property are well looked after. The ranges of services you can expect from experienced landscapers are: 

  • Weekly Services
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Mowing Lawn areas
  • Weed Control for lawns
  • Weed control for flower bed and shrub bed areas
  • Power-Blowing of Hard Surfaces
  • Landscaping Bed Care
  • Shrub and Plants Pruning
  • Hard & Soft Edging
  • Sprinkler Adjustments
  • Yard Debris Offsite
  • Other

Since the landscape maintenance contract will be designed specifically for your property, you are assured that the services you get from an experienced company will provide you value for money. The company will work closely with you to understand what your specific needs are and will then provide solutions that take all your requirements into account. 

Commercial grounds maintenance may have to be done late in the evenings or on weekends when there are fewer people on the premises and well-established and reputed company will cater to all these requests. They will also use organic fertilizers and pesticides in their work and this ensures your garden stays healthy and looking good at all times.

Landscape Maintenance Cost

Even as they maintain high quality standards in their work, they will also maintain reasonable landscape services cost and will keep your budget in view at all times. You can discuss your budget limits with them and they will keep those in view while providing you solutions. Choose your landscaping services company with care and rest assured that they will come in with regularity and carry out the work with efficiency and professionalism. 

When you want beautiful landscaping, you need to ensure that these outdoor spaces are maintained well and with regularity. This is why you should take extra care to look for a company like Greenworks Landcare to handle the job for you. A company that provides end-to-end solutions would be able to handle every aspect of the job for you. 

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