Landscape Services

We at Greenworks Landcare provide excellent landscape maintenance services to customers in and around Salem, Keizer, Corvallis and Dallas. We also cater to customers across Monmouth, Silverton as well as Albany and the surrounding areas. The ranges of solutions we provide are:

Weekly Service

Landscapes will look good and stay healthy only if they are maintained well. We provide customized landscape maintenance plans that include- Weekly Service (March right thru November every week & December thru February every alternate week), Mowing Lawn/Turf areas, Landscape Bed Care Power Blow Hard Surface, Edging, Some Shrub Pruning, Lawn Fertilization, Weed Removal (lawn, bed areas), Sprinkler Adjustments and Yard Debris Offsite. Read More About Weekly Service »

Mowing Lawn/Turf

We provide residential & commercial lawn care services and mowing is a very important part of any lawn care contract. This service is generally part of our weekly landscape maintenance solution; however, you have the option to hire us only for mowing the lawns on your property. We use the latest equipment in the work and ensure that some small grass clippings are left in the ground. This provides natural manure to the soil. Read More About Mowing Lawn/Turf »

Landscape Bed Care

We provide customized residential and commercial landscape bed care services. Some landscapes have perennial shrubs while others have seasonal flower plantings. All these installations need regular care & maintenance. We have a very deep understanding about plants and shrubs and the different types of soils that can exist on a property. We use this knowledge and our experience to create yard bed care plans that match your requirements. Read More About Landscape Bed Care »

Shrub Pruning & Trimming

Most shrubs are strong and sturdy; however, they too need regular care and attention. Our landscape maintenance plans also include shrub care solutions. Every plant is different in the way it grows and so it’s important that the trimming and pruning be handled expertly. Our knowledgeable and experienced personnel will ensure that the work is completed carefully and without harming the plants in any way. Regular pruning and trimming improves plant quality and adds to the longevity and sustainability of the plants. Read More About Shrub Pruning & Trimming »

Weed Removal (Lawn & Beds)

Weeds make your landscape look untidy and cause significant harm to the plants and grass. They use up the water and nutrients in the soil and affect the health of the turf and other plantings. We provide specialized garden weed removal plans. These treatments will be applied at different times of the year and help maintain the health of the softscaping ‘on your property. Read More About Weed Removal»

Turf & Shrub Fertilization

Fertilizers are crucial for the health & appearance of your lawn spaces & plantings and we provide customized fertilization contracts based on the varieties of plants and grasses you have in your landscaping. We are very particular about the kind of services we provide and use only organic products in our work. This helps the plants and grass stay healthy and resilient. Read More About Turf & Shrub Fertilization »

Sprinklers Adjustments & Monitoring

We provide custom sprinkler adjustment services and you can choose a sprinkler maintenance contract as per your specific needs. We assess the sprinkler system, check that the timers and ensure that everything is in working order. If something is amiss, we will make the necessary adjustments so your lawns will get watered as per the schedule. Read More About Sprinkler Adjustments & Monitoring »

Leaf Cleanup

When the plants and trees on your property shed their leaves during fall, it creates a very pretty sight in the landscape. But the carpet of leaves also affects the health of the grass and softscaping and they harbor pests as well. This is why it becomes important to hire professionals for leaf cleanup. We provide very cost-effective leaf cleanup services as and when you require them. Read More About Leaf Cleanup »

Yard Debris/Trash Offsite

There are times when a lot of debris gets accumulated on your property and it would have to be hauled away and disposed of responsibly. We provide yard debris removal services for yard cleanups, ground cover removal, excavation, hauling brush, ivy removal and more. We have the necessary experienced manpower and the resources required to clear all the mess from your property. Read More About Yard Debris/Trash Offsite »

Power Blow Hard Surface

We provide customized residential & commercial power blowing services. You can opt for regular monthly maintenance packages/ a standalone service. We use the latest equipment in the work and can power blow leaves and various concrete and masonry debris and from the hardscaping such as driveways, walkways and pathways as well as boundary walls, patios, decks and more. This job will be handled skillfully and meticulously and will ensure your landscape looks neat and clean. Read More About Power Blow Hard Surfaces »

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