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The lawn spaces on your commercial or residential property need regular care and special attention has to be paid to the lawn spaces. This is because they are exposed to climatic changes, the harsh UV rays of the sun as well as foot traffic. Even when you think you are mowing them and watering them well, you may end up seeing brown or bare patches on the turf. This is exactly why your lawn requires specialized care and you should hire good landscape maintenance contractors for the job. 

Greenworks Landcare provides custom commercial and residential lawn maintenance services to customers across Salem, Four Corners, Keizer and Dallas. They also cater to many customers in and around Monmouth, Silverton, and Woodburn, and have successfully completed projects for customers across Albany, McMinnville and Sheridan.

Different Lawn Care Services

Regardless of the size and spread of your lawn, grass needs the same level of care. The company that handles landscape maintenance for you will also include a comprehensive lawn care plan in it. This will typically include the following services: 

  • Mowing – This is one of the most basic services in any lawn care maintenance contract. The personnel will come in at regular schedules and mow the turf up to a certain length. They will also leave some of the clippings in the grass as these act as a natural fertilizer for the grass.
  • Weed Treatment – This helps control weeds on your lawn/turf areas. It is part and parcel of every landscape management service.
  • Aeration – It helps relieve soil compaction and it improves the penetration of water and air as well as nutrients in the soil. It’s one of the best ways to stimulate root growth.
  • Moss Treatment – Kills & reduces moss growth.
  • Lime Application – Balances the soil, and is typically done with the aeration treatment.
  • Cranefly Treatment – Helps prevent cranefly infestation from infesting your lawn.
  • Fertilizer – Helps maintain a greener and healthier lawn. This is also included in most landscape management services.
  • Thatching – Removes the build-up of thatch from turf areas. It helps more water and air filtration for a much healthier lawn.

A credible and reputed company will always use the best organic lawn care products in their work and will ensure that the work is completed to your satisfaction. The personnel will come in with regularity and check every single aspect of lawn care so you have green and resilient grassy areas to use in your garden and yard. 

While they provide excellent services, experienced contractors also maintain very reasonable lawn care cost and this provides you value for money. When you have better maintained lawns, you will also be inclined to use them more often. 

When you want beautiful landscaping, you need to ensure that these outdoor spaces are maintained well and with regularity. This is why you should take extra care to look for a company like Greenworks Landcare to handle the job for you. A company that provides end-to-end solutions would be able to handle every aspect of the project in an expert manner. 

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